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July 30, 2018

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  • Embracing the Wholeness of Life

    I hope you have enjoyed the full moon lunar eclipse and the beautiful blood moon this month?
    What a gorgeous and rare natural phenomena…

    It is the perfect time for all us to re-evaluate where we are in life and what we need to let go off to move into a more awakened and authentic state of mind and heart.

    To shed the old skin just like a snake and show our true beauty from the inside out!

    I have been more silent that usual as I have been going myself through some major transitions of letting go and surrendering, being guided at all times to open my heart and feel the vibration of embracing it all….the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I realized that I never actually internalized the idea of wholeness in its essence.
    I used to go through life with a positive outlook all the time.
    Anything that happened to me was turned into positive, into the light and I was unable to fully receive the wisdom of some of the painful and uncomfortable experiences as they came around.
    Wherever there was a dark patch of negativity, violence, cruelty, jealousy I would sneak away, get away and not look back…my soul wasn’t ready to accept LIFE FULLY and ALL it had to offer.

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