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May 21, 2019

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  • Cleansing, Detoxing, Letting go – The importance of energetic clearing on all levels

    For some time I have been wanting to bring more awareness to my body, its functioning and the ways I can nourish it in ways of that are energizing and enjoyable.

    After two children my body was sending strong signs of fatigue and as I was running my coaching, facilitation, retreat business on high speed I knew I needed to make sure my batteries are filled with the best possible fuel to be of service to my family and clients. It is all about Energy-management, isn’t? And the body never lies.

    But before letting any fuel in, I was wondering what potentially was blocking my system and what needed to be cleared.

    Today I am writing to you from beautiful German Bavaria where I am spending a week doing a medical health spa retreat around detoxification and cleansing my system on all levels. It’s a subtle, peaceful place surrounded by mountains and silence.The moment I got here I felt an instant energetic boost. The fresh air and the calm are such contrast to our too polluted and fast-pasted cities.

    When I was asked what my intention for this week was I said:

    “It’s the time of clearing everything out that does not serve me and letting in the New and the True.” The doctor smiled. This is exactly what we do here.

    I believe a holistic clearing on many levels simultaneously.

    • Detox and cleansing of the body is the first evident portal.
    • But how about an emotional and mental cleanse?
    • What about your surroundings and energetic garbage in your house?
    • And what about consciously purifying your relationships and interactions with other people?

    It is all interrelated and It is like emptying the dirty trash that has been lying around for a while stinking and creating space for a new fresh breeze of air in the whole house, literarily and metaphorically.

     Your Body

    This is your home, your space. You take your body wherever you go. As a spiritual being you are grounded in a physical body that needs you care and attention. In Germany they say: Home isn’t only a space. It’s a feeling. So how do you feel in your physical body?

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  • Remembering the Essence of who YOU are

    A couple of weeks ago when I was travelling to India for a wedding I had a lovely conversation with the taxi driver.

    I love connecting with the locals and ask them about what moves them, what brings them joy and what they feel holds them back. In about 5 minutes we felt connected and I asked him what he thought his purpose in life was. He smiled and said “to enjoy every moment of my life”.

    So simple I thought. And not very easy in today’s intense life rythme where we are so much in our heads. (often regretting the past or worrying about the future).

    I smiled. This is exactly what my mission is in life: to be joyful and to bring more presence, awareness and consciousness into this world. When I got out of the car, I felt full of gratitude.

    In my head I thanked my father. He was my biggest teacher in opening up people’s hearts.

    Real human connecting is about being vulnerable and real. By smiling at people but truly caring and connecting with them. Asking them how they are, what they enjoy doing in life, how many children they have and what their names are…a taxi driver the cleaning lady, your banker, a stranger all of the sudden become friendly and curious because their heart was touched and opened.

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