InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

Baby steps towards more happiness

Every day, life offers us so many wonderful gifts, but sometimes we miss great opportunities because we were not taught or trained to see them.
In my opinion most people do not even use 10% of their true potential.

The French philosopher Auguste Comte once said: Know yourself to improve yourself.

For me this is what happens during the process of coaching.
The client is opening up and is learning to use his or her internal resources in order to achieve his main objectives in life.
It is important to mention that coaching – it is not therapy. There is no need to wait untill you feel unhappy to then to return to the previous “normal” .
In coaching we do not dig in the past to look for the “why”, we move forward: you can go from “bad to good”, but you can also go from “good to even better”.

It is like climbing up the stairs to the top of the building named happiness the definition of which, of course is different for everybody. It does not matter to what stage you rise, it is important to start climbing and to move forward. The first steps are usually the most difficult ones, but the higher we climb, the easier it becomes, the faster we climb, the higher the motivation.

I have a a nearly 12 month old baby and he is just about to learn how to walk.….
It starts gradually, first holding my hand, falling, getting up again and again,…but very soon he will be confident and not only walk but run around, joyful and proud of his achievements.

Coaching is effective in all areas : personal, professional , family , sports , financial , and emotional.
We instinctively try to find balance in our lives, but, unfortunately, not everybody succeeds.
Sometimes we feel like we have so much already: the husband/wife, kids, apartment, car, a job, but we are not truly happy. It is because happiness – is not what we have or do not have.
It is a state of mind.
This condition is achieved and maintained only when we are in harmony with each other and the outside world.
Coaching increases our self-awareness giving us the possibility to see more clearly where we are in relation to what we want and how to find ways to move in the right direction

I believe that each person would like to be a bit more happy or balanced.
For some it would mean to be more calm, for someone have more financial stability for others to become more confident, energetic, healthy and so on – the ways to achieve happiness are very different and individual.

I must say that I believe that every person can achieve these results by working on their own, however it can take years and often people give up before they even got started because of the inefficiency and a lack of accountability.

Coaching results can be achieved much faster, easier , because the coach gives us another perspective and has the necessary techniques to achieve the desired results.

My most important and extensive training is from my own life experiences…and I love to share them with you.

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