InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman


  • The miracle of Co-creation

    Today a more personal note from me as I am in my last weeks or even days of my second pregnancy…

    Wow. What a blessing.

    Being in this beautiful state of creation mode makes you see and feel things completely differently.

    You realize how much is actually NOT in your control, and how important it is align with your inner BEING instead of constantly DO, DO, DO.

    I am the “best host” for this gorgeous baby inside of me, but the process of creation is led by something bigger than me…call it nature, call in God, call it the universe.

    Yes, there was some action my husband and I had to take, but eventually it is not up to us to create this human being. All I have to “Do” now is to “BE”, to nurture myself and stay healthy & fit.

    I find this a good metaphor for life in general. We sometimes want to MAKE things happen no matter what. We push, we control, we struggle for results…forgetting that our whole reason being here is to learn, evolve and enjoy life… The rest will take care of itself.

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  • Launch of the First InsideOut Circle!

    I am so thrilled to have launched my first InsideOut Circle last Thursday with 10 amazing and beautiful ladies.
    I am very grateful for all the authentic sharing, the exchanges and the energy…I couldn’t have wished for more! You are such a diverse and beautiful group from the Inside out:-).

    More and more women are looking for a safe and confidential environment not only to network but also exchange on a deeper level and share their issues & challenges and professional endeavors, without having to put on a mask or “being strong”. The idea of the InsideOut Circles is to provide such a safe haven where mutual support & creative collaboration are the most natural thing!

    Read below what the participants have to say:-)
    Much Love and many blessings, Nina

    Dear Nina and Ladies,

    Nina, thank you for being such a lovely host and providing such an array of food for body and soul. You created the “space” for us to come together. I felt that regardless of the setting, what was impactful was the experience you provided – and I am sure you can replicate that anywhere, you home, your new project, a park. Thanks to your presence, generosity and guidance, you generated the gratitude and empathy we felt as a group. It was magic and powerful.

    Ladies, a real honor to meet you all. Thank you for opening up – and rather than feel exposed and weakened by what I shared with you, thanks to your own willingness to be vulnerable, I had a sense of belonging to a clan/tribe that gave me inspiration, perspective and strength. Thank you!

    Passing ships or new friends, whatever we may be, it is precious.

    Best wishes, Adriana

    Nina is so warm and nurturing, it seems at odds with her personal background in competitive sports and business. However these skills come together beautifully to give her the drive, perspective and optimism needed to guide the most diverse and demanding groups. I attended an extraordinary session with a mixed group of women I had never met. Thanks to Nina’s direction, our group found a level of camaraderie based on empathy and a connection I have rarely found within such a short amount of time. I see great potential for Inside Out Circles as a way to gaining a sense of community we very much need.

    Dear Nina,

    Thank you for organising such a beautiful evening with such special women. It was an inspiring (and intense) few hours! I enjoyed it immensely, and despite only having had 6 hours of sleep feel energised for the day. Nina you are gifted 🙂 Keep pursuing…All the best to all of you, and hope this will be continued.

    Hugs! Fianna

    Thank you Nina for such a memorable evening! 

    Your positive energy and compassion created a wonderful safe haven of authentic exchange.

    Wishing you a serene next few months…the birth of your baby and your project!

    How exciting and profound.

    I loved meeting all of you wonderful women. I feel that we are all facets of each other. Not just those of us in the room, but all women everywhere.

    For me, it was also a good reminder that there is always much more than we imagine going on beneath the surface of everyone we meet.

    Important then, to always interact with others with kindness and compassion. 

    The evening inspired me to be more patient and understanding with everyone who crosses my path … even the men…. 😉

    Thank you.


  • My InsideOut Project

    My overall mission in life is to help people evolve into their highest expression so that they can live their BEST LIFE and positively impact the people they love most.

    So I am thrilled to be launching a platform for 6-8 awesome professional women, who have big dreams for themselves, their companies and their legacy!

    InsideOut Circles is for women who are doing their own thing successfully, but feel that they could benefit from a mix of accountability, sharing, and connecting with like-minded women who want to thrive at work and in life.

    What exactly are InsideOut Circles?

    • Facilitated groups of trusted peers dedicated to consciousness, authenticity, and staying true to themselves, all while leading, growing, or starting a business or creative endeavor
    • Participants usually meet face to face on a regular basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them.

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  • How to Focus and set clear Intentions and Goals in your Life and Business? The 4 Step “Focus-System”

    Many clients I work with often have a hard time setting clear goals and intentions for their projects and following through.

    So today I would like to draw your attention to the word “Focus”, because one of the challenges in today’s busy life is that there is a ton of information-overflow and there are so many things that are pulling our attention that we wonder:

    “Should I be doing this? Should I be doing that? Should this other thing be taking my attention?”

    And the only way to focus your attention is to focus on setting a very specific, tangible intention around your needs and desires and how you schedule yourself and how you prioritize your day, consistently.


    I personally like to set 30 day Intentions.

    I tend to like to have a short time period to do something and have something to sort of review and reflect on.

    So what I want encourage you to do, is ask yourself following questions:

    • What is my Intention for February?
    • In my life, in my relationship in my business…whatever is the most important area for you in life at the moment?

    Now you might ask yourself: “Well, what’s the point? When I don’t hit my “goal”, I’m just frustrated and physically depressed.

    My answer is: It’s actually an unreasonable expectation to expect that every time you set an intention or goal you’ll hit it.

    The purpose of the intention is not if you don’t hit it, you’re a bad person, you suck and you might as well give up.

    • The purpose of the intention from within is the stretch it requires.
    • The purpose of the intention is that it’s going to set you into motion and taking actions differently than you would have otherwise.
    • The purpose is that you set the intention and it directs your action and your Focus.

    You’ll be doing things differently than if you had not set an intention at all. That is the value.

    There have been many goals and intentions that I have set, whether they are action or financial based, or both, that I didn’t hit.

    But, I did things differently than I otherwise would have, and that was the point anyway.


    • What are the simplest steps you can take to get to that goal?
    • What are all the things that you can push out of your consciousness and out of your mind so you don’t need to deal with them?
    • And what are the simple things you can deal with that will have an impact for your goal?

    This is going to be a constant challenge in building your business and or managing your life, because you’re a creative, curious person, and you’re going to want learn and do everything.

    And, I can assure you that over the course of your career, there’s time to learn and do a whole lot. But right now, you want to focus on these simplest steps to get to your goal.



    The third component of this “Focus-System” that I’m sharing with you is the willingness to try new things. And what that means really, is you’re willingness to be uncomfortable.

    If you’re doing something new, it is uncomfortable. Why is that?

    Because your critter brain, your primal brain, the job of your primal brain is to make sure that nothing changes, and everything stays the same because it’s trying to ensure your survival.

    So that’s why you experience discomfort, and fear, and worry, and overwhelm, confusion, and doubt.

    And if you can just accept that as a fact, instead of ever expecting not to feel that way, eventually the discomfort will just be less and less and less.

    Many people have this expectation that it should just feel good all the time. It’s just not going to. It’s not true.

    So the third piece is getting comfortable with discomfort, and just accepting that it’s going to be uncomfortable until it isn’t.




    The fourth component of the “Focus-System” is auditing and reset.

    So you tried different strategies, and what you always want do is go back and audit. You are looking back at what you tried, celebrating what went well, and then asking yourself:

    • Where is the opportunity for improvement? Which piece of the formula needs to be shifted?
    • What are the new action steps based on what I’ve learned to get me to that original intention?


    I’d love to hear if these phases resonate with you and which one you feel you are currently in!? So please comment below!:-)

    Much love,


  • How to accept where you are and move forward?

    Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great start into the New Year of 2016! It has been a very busy month for me of traveling, learning and growing. I have had incredible conversations, forum meetings, retreats and connected with some amazing teachers and mentors.

    After witnessing so many on the path of self-discovery and transformation, I have noticed there are developmental phases to personal growth that I would like to share with you.

    The first phase is Self-Awareness. 

    Look around and ask yourself and ask: what role am I playing in the creation of my conditions, of my life?

    Being aware of one’s responsibility in the creation of ones circumstances is key.

    When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

    We begin to learn that the results in our life are not just random.

    This is when new tools, teachers and experiences come into our life that help us wake up. We begin to start connecting the dots of our own life.

    Positive usually attracts more positive. The energy you send out, returns to you. You listen closer to your intuition, to your inner voice and start noticing what you attract and how.

    Plant your seeds: “Wouldn’t it be nice…? ” to be more patient, to move to a different country, to live a more simple lifestyle, to work less and love more?

    Just sending out that energy with no attachment to outcome will create a different energetic vibration.

    Mantras like:

    • Things always work our for me
    • Things are always working out for me
    • Things will come around
    • The situation will work out
    • This is happening for a reason. What is the gift of this situation?

    can be helpful in the self-awareness process.

    We also begin to understand that all of us on this human journey are here to learn, grow and remember who we really are. This is a time full of “ah-ha” moments – some which are exciting and some which are downright surprising.


    1. The second step is Integration

    Once we are aware of our own responsibility in the creation of our circumstances, we can move into the stage Integration.

    This is the longest phase because this is when we shift from knowing things to actually changing things. If you feel like you have a lot of information but things in your life are not shifting, welcome to the integration phase…there is some work for you to do.

    When in comes to transformation awareness is not enough…you have to let go of your limiting beliefs and change your behaviors.

    One of the most powerful ways to heal and break a pattern is when we are experiencing it.

    This is a time when we drop our story and upgrade our programming. It is a time when we do the courageous emotional work to heal old issues so they no longer define us. It is a time when we take all the tools we have learned and actually use them, consistently!

    Life will be constantly challenge you in this phase to see how you will respond differently and how you alter your perspective and move toward Self-acceptance.

  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

    3. Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

    Acceptance basically means that we understand that we are all things:  “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

    Unless you can give voice to the things that don’t work out…you cannot change them.

    Understanding and valuing the parts that we have previously seen as insufficient, worthless, worrisome can turn into assets and bring a positive effect into our life.

    So it is about accepting who we are and consciously creating boundaries and balance from within.

    The Illusion has been broken: You are truly amazing, beautiful and complete. The is nothing wrong about you. You are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be. It is all a learning process. We are all students of life.

    In this phase, you are not a new person, in fact, you are more authentically yourself than ever before because limiting beliefs and old stories have been dropped.

    Does this mean we are totally evolved and never have anything to work on? NO! We are still human, yet we have integrated so many tools and shifted internally, so when that when “issues” happen, we move into acceptance.

    Understanding and living this fully doesn’t magically protect you from any ‘bad things’ happening to us. It is just that you accept the flow as is and nothing ‘bad’ really triggers you anymore.  Every challenge becomes an opportunity, every setback is a learning, every loss a message and a gift.

    If you knew everything ahead of time, where would be the fun in life, right?

    Our souls are in constant evolution, development.Think about it: If there was no contrast, how would you be able to see the light? Appreciate the positive, the amazing things life offers?

    We stop fighting with reality and either accept it or change it.  We spend more time in the present moment rather than hung up on the past or tripping out about the future.

    1. Service from the Inside Out

    In this phase we are not as focused on working on ourselves or changing our own lives. Instead, we are focused on a bigger vision and changing the lives of others. We feel called to share the love we feel. The truth is that we become light and love.

    This is something we know from the inside, it is something we feel.

  • Sabotage and Fear

    If we are the creators of our life, why don’t we always create it to be pleasurable, joyful, magical and fun?

    The very basic answer to this boils down to FEAR.

    Fear of not succeeding, or not being good enough, fear of not being loved.

    Fear of how others will react when we evolve into a healthier lifestyle into the next higher version of ourselves.

    Sometimes are so afraid of our own light, the possibilities that we can attract, that it is easier to stay in the ‘conditions’ and find all kind of excuses to NOT change from within.

    Instead we blame others, complain about external conditions and people.

    Sabotage can come from two directions: the behavior of your friends, co-workers, colleagues, and family, or your own inner rebellion.

    Others watching us venture into this healthier lifestyle may make comments, or they may rebel against us.

    You may notice that some people close to you feel threatened when you embark on this kind of journey and they will tempt us with activities we’re trying to move away from. We may even feel guilty that they feel threatened (it’s NOT your fault that they feel bad) and sabotage ourselves to be accepted.

    Self sabotage (self criticism, our INNER JUDGE can be very strong!) We judge and blame ourselves for not being ENOUGH

    Remember: This is an Inside Out Life. You have to change from within to change the outside. 

    What if we no longer could hide behind excuses for not becoming anything we want? For not allowing ourselves to really be who we truly are?

    So, how do you do that?

  • Striving for ‘The Unconditional Life’

    When we consider our existing conditions (physical, financial, mental, behavioral relationship-conditions) as ‘what is’ as fixed and not changeable, it is very hard to create and visualize the ‘what can be’ or potentially ‘what will be’. In fact it is impossible.

    What we attract are certain practiced energetic vibration, that than tend to reaffirm the reality we create.

    We expect certain things, situations and people to be a certain way, we put them in boxes, we label their “being” and expect certain outcomes and behaviors.

    She is so ’emotional’ we say or “I am just not a math person”. I will never succeed or have a better financial situation. I am never lucky.

    And when they do happen in reality, we say: “see, I told you, this is just another example.” What we don’t see is everything’s else that is happening at the same time while we focus on ‘what is’.

    When you don’t give a space for ‘conditions’ to evolve, change, alter they never will. Life tends to underline the conditioned reality. It says: well, if you think this way: here is more of it.

    What you put out there-you get back as a boomerang sooner or later.

    Your conditions, your relationships, your interactions become a mirror of who you are being.

    I have experienced this basic truth of own life many times and with many of my clients.

    The unconditional life perspective gives one the opportunity for flow and freedom and evolution, development and progress…basically for the creation of ‘what will be’.

    YOU and only YOU create your reality, your perspective on things and people. Remember that YOU always have the choice on how you view a situation, a person, a relationship.

    You might not have the control or a situation or a ‘condition’ but you surely have all the control and choice on how to look at it or WHO you are BEING during the process.

    So if life is made up anyways: why don’t we always create it to be pleasurable and joyful, magical and fun?

    The very basic answer to this boils down to FEAR.


  • Consequences for NOT setting proper boundaries

    The consequences for NOT setting proper boundaries with your time can create a sense of overwhelm, always giving to other people, thinking that everybody else is more important then you…your over-promise, you overcommit and your over-schedule…

    Making other people’s wants and needs more important than yours eventually leads to a lack of self-respect and self-love.

    What happens is that you start blaming other people for your lack of progress & Not taking positive action in the direction of your dreams.

    Which gets you into a vicious cycle and finally in a relationship tension.

    If you are not taking control of your time, you WILL be feeling stuck and not making progress.

    And HEY! isn’t this a very convenient way of not living your dream?

    Over-scheduling yourself with other people’s priorities gives you a great excuse to not be your BEST self. We create reasons to stay stuck, because we are afraid to take the risk, to face our beautiful light inside.

    And then we say: I don’t have any time. I would love to write that book, I would love to live my dream and travel around the world, or start that business, go out on dates, I would love to take care more of my family…but I just don’t have the time.

    Well, you will never have time if you don’t set proper boundaries.

    On other consequence is: general stress, fight or flight response of your body… No high quality of life …gain of weight, lack of sleep…you name it.

    Read more on how to master your time for a fulfilling 2016 here

  • Happy New Year & How to manage your TIME in 2016!

    It’s a new day, a new month and a new year, a new chapter!

    The canvas is clean, and you can paint anything you want on it this year.

    With it comes the tradition of making resolutions, which are usually promises to do something “more, better, or different.”

    We promise to eat better, exercise more, get a new job, meditate regularly, fall in love, or find a different way to handle our time and stress. But does this really do us any good?

    Most of us start the New Year with the greatest of intentions, yet by March (or even by the second week in January) we may not find ourselves so committed anymore.

    We go back to old habits and are frustrated for not sticking to our resolutions, feeling stuck & overwhelmed, with no motivation.

    I would love to support you in making 2016 your best year yet and to share with you how to stop overwhelm in your life and find the time to really live your dreams.

    Time is the container in which you create your intentions, your ideas, your dreams. It is your most valuable asset. So, if you care about how much love, connection, joy and freedom you have or don’t have and want more, the first thing you’ve got to master is your time.

    Scheduling is everything, if it is not scheduled it is not real.

    Everything requires time… You have been giving the precious gift. How you use every second determines how you use every minute, every hour, every day, every year of your life.

    The consequences for NOT setting proper boundaries with your time can create a sense of overwhelm, always giving to other people, thinking that everybody else is more important then you…your over-promise, you over-commit and your over-schedule…(Read more on what is costs you when you don’t create boundaries here)

    So: How to take care your calendar and life back?

    1. Clear your calendar
    1. List YOUR priorities:
    • SLEEP at least 8 hours a day. Schedule your sleep…your evening time. The quality of your evening determines the quality of your morning.
    • Schedule your EXERCISE. Commit to it. Minimum 10-15 min a day…the more you move, the more your body wants to move.
    • PRAYER and MEDITATION: create that deeper connection to the higher power.
    • Schedule time with your PARTNER and your children/FAMILY…don’t take the people in your life for granted.
    • CREATIVE time (yes, everybody is creative!)…we are here to create. This is a time to do whatever make you happy in the moment: writing, dancing, painting… video-game
    • Time for OTHERS /schedule everyone else in. You will see, there isn’t much leftJ
    1. Keep your commitment to yourself. Make it a HABIT.
    1. Go and say NO. Stick to it…


    You will see it will set you up for inevitable success.

    Commit to create your life in alignment with what you truly want to happen and focus. Clear yourself of any emotional, mental, physical, or interpersonal clutter so that 2016 will be your best year yet!


    Much love,