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Cleansing, Detoxing, Letting go – The importance of energetic clearing on all levels

For some time I have been wanting to bring more awareness to my body, its functioning and the ways I can nourish it in ways of that are energizing and enjoyable.

After two children my body was sending strong signs of fatigue and as I was running my coaching, facilitation, retreat business on high speed I knew I needed to make sure my batteries are filled with the best possible fuel to be of service to my family and clients. It is all about Energy-management, isn’t? And the body never lies.

But before letting any fuel in, I was wondering what potentially was blocking my system and what needed to be cleared.

Today I am writing to you from beautiful German Bavaria where I am spending a week doing a medical health spa retreat around detoxification and cleansing my system on all levels. It’s a subtle, peaceful place surrounded by mountains and silence.The moment I got here I felt an instant energetic boost. The fresh air and the calm are such contrast to our too polluted and fast-pasted cities.

When I was asked what my intention for this week was I said:

“It’s the time of clearing everything out that does not serve me and letting in the New and the True.” The doctor smiled. This is exactly what we do here.

I believe a holistic clearing on many levels simultaneously.

  • Detox and cleansing of the body is the first evident portal.
  • But how about an emotional and mental cleanse?
  • What about your surroundings and energetic garbage in your house?
  • And what about consciously purifying your relationships and interactions with other people?

It is all interrelated and It is like emptying the dirty trash that has been lying around for a while stinking and creating space for a new fresh breeze of air in the whole house, literarily and metaphorically.

 Your Body

This is your home, your space. You take your body wherever you go. As a spiritual being you are grounded in a physical body that needs you care and attention. In Germany they say: Home isn’t only a space. It’s a feeling. So how do you feel in your physical body?

When we look at detoxification of the body, fasting and especially tea fasting is from what I have researched and learned here at the center one of the best ways to clear out what doesn’t belong.

Before asking yourself how to nourish your body, it’ s important to have a look at what the blockages might be and what needs to get OUT.

I am learning here that the Intestine is where it all happens and the processes here affect every other organ.

In itself this is nothing new, as all of us remember the biology lessons at school. However we often do disregard this important organ, overload it with way too much food and toxins.

I learned here for example that your chewing habits are just as important as what you are consuming, as it is so much harder for your system to digest an “un-processed” peace of meat. Nothing new, right? Even my grandmother encouraged me to chew 30-40 times. Do I do it? Yeah right!

Well, when that peace of meat is getting to your stomach first and it is not properly chewed, the stomach and its acid cannot really deal with it and push it down to your small intestine.

Here in the healthy way minerals and vitamins shall be taken into the blood to properly nourish our cells.

But remember that hard un-chewed peace of meat? Well the body just “pushes” it through the 7 m tube, where millions of bacteria are waiting for the feast at the end.

The issue is that while they devour the peace of meat they produce toxic gas, which causes bloating, and inflammation. The gas literally blows up our large intestine as the body does not know how to handle the huge proportions and the immunity system is constantly on alarm.

I am aware that this is not a fully medical description, and I am certainly not a doctor, I just wanted to bring your awareness to this so important organ and encourage you to give it a break.

Options are to skip breakfast or better dinner, do a one day herbal tea fasting or find a professional help in a sanatorium or detox clinic that can help. Here at the center I did for instance the F.X. Mayr Intestinal Therapy. Google it and you will find what you need.:-)

Emotional and Mental Letting go

Detoxing your body is a portal into the different other areas that need clearing. Having had several in depth conversations with the doctors and practitioners here confirmed to me that detoxification of negative emotions and toxic mental believes & structures are just as important.

Thought patters of self-pity, not feeling valued or appreciated and that internal sabotage voice stressing your “not good enoughness” and lack of fill in the black.

What we talk about here is anxiety and fear that arise in one’s consciousness and than physically manifest in the body leading to a constant des-ease.

Since I am very sensitive to my surroundings and people I could also sense the energies and observe different degrees of consciousness and awareness here at the health center.

While some people were awake and ready to take responsibility for their lives, others seemed to show great resistance to the needed transformation inside and out.

I encourage you to be the one taking full responsibility for your life and clear whatever doesn’t fit into your precious system.

So get on it and ask yourself:

  • Which fears do I need to let go of?
  • What is the story and behavioral patterns I am creating that do not serve me anymore?
  • What excuses am I making for not fully stepping into my light?
  • How can I change my inner dialogue to a more healthy and empowering one?

Don’t forget to breath and follow your heart.

I am always amazed by the energy, connection and joy we can co-create in a short period of time when we are in a safe, supportive environment.Community is so incredibly important in the process of letting go and clearing the path.

Also, voicing what it is we REALLY WANT makes all the difference. Setting an intention from a place of ABUNDANCE rather than LACK is what will make the difference in your life. 

But also knowing that we already have EVERYTHING we need to figure it out. We build our own walls, our own canyons that represent our limitations and fears.


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