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How to Focus and set clear Intentions and Goals in your Life and Business? The 4 Step “Focus-System”

Many clients I work with often have a hard time setting clear goals and intentions for their projects and following through.

So today I would like to draw your attention to the word “Focus”, because one of the challenges in today’s busy life is that there is a ton of information-overflow and there are so many things that are pulling our attention that we wonder:

“Should I be doing this? Should I be doing that? Should this other thing be taking my attention?”

And the only way to focus your attention is to focus on setting a very specific, tangible intention around your needs and desires and how you schedule yourself and how you prioritize your day, consistently.


I personally like to set 30 day Intentions.

I tend to like to have a short time period to do something and have something to sort of review and reflect on.

So what I want encourage you to do, is ask yourself following questions:

  • What is my Intention for February?
  • In my life, in my relationship in my business…whatever is the most important area for you in life at the moment?

Now you might ask yourself: “Well, what’s the point? When I don’t hit my “goal”, I’m just frustrated and physically depressed.

My answer is: It’s actually an unreasonable expectation to expect that every time you set an intention or goal you’ll hit it.

The purpose of the intention is not if you don’t hit it, you’re a bad person, you suck and you might as well give up.

  • The purpose of the intention from within is the stretch it requires.
  • The purpose of the intention is that it’s going to set you into motion and taking actions differently than you would have otherwise.
  • The purpose is that you set the intention and it directs your action and your Focus.

You’ll be doing things differently than if you had not set an intention at all. That is the value.

There have been many goals and intentions that I have set, whether they are action or financial based, or both, that I didn’t hit.

But, I did things differently than I otherwise would have, and that was the point anyway.


  • What are the simplest steps you can take to get to that goal?
  • What are all the things that you can push out of your consciousness and out of your mind so you don’t need to deal with them?
  • And what are the simple things you can deal with that will have an impact for your goal?

This is going to be a constant challenge in building your business and or managing your life, because you’re a creative, curious person, and you’re going to want learn and do everything.

And, I can assure you that over the course of your career, there’s time to learn and do a whole lot. But right now, you want to focus on these simplest steps to get to your goal.



The third component of this “Focus-System” that I’m sharing with you is the willingness to try new things. And what that means really, is you’re willingness to be uncomfortable.

If you’re doing something new, it is uncomfortable. Why is that?

Because your critter brain, your primal brain, the job of your primal brain is to make sure that nothing changes, and everything stays the same because it’s trying to ensure your survival.

So that’s why you experience discomfort, and fear, and worry, and overwhelm, confusion, and doubt.

And if you can just accept that as a fact, instead of ever expecting not to feel that way, eventually the discomfort will just be less and less and less.

Many people have this expectation that it should just feel good all the time. It’s just not going to. It’s not true.

So the third piece is getting comfortable with discomfort, and just accepting that it’s going to be uncomfortable until it isn’t.




The fourth component of the “Focus-System” is auditing and reset.

So you tried different strategies, and what you always want do is go back and audit. You are looking back at what you tried, celebrating what went well, and then asking yourself:

  • Where is the opportunity for improvement? Which piece of the formula needs to be shifted?
  • What are the new action steps based on what I’ve learned to get me to that original intention?


I’d love to hear if these phases resonate with you and which one you feel you are currently in!? So please comment below!:-)

Much love,


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