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Heart and Soul-Centered Relationships

 Your relationships only reflect what is inside of you

While relationships of every kind are the heart and soul of our lives, they can also present us with our greatest challenges.

Are there times you find your partner’s, mother’s, father’s, children’s, friend’s behavior or choices upsetting and frustrating?

If you said, “Yes,” would you consider the possibility that these times are reflecting opportunities for healing in your consciousness?

Big mindset change, right? It is not about THEM, it is all about YOU.

Stay with me for a moment.

Your relationship interactions may actually be triggering YOUR unresolved issues so you can be aware of them and heal them!

The real question is: How can your relationships help you grow on a personal, professional and spiritual level?

To me, there are 2 fundamental purposes of relationships

The purpose of sharing and loving, companionship and partnership. The obvious one!

The catalyzing of each other’s growth and potential through the process of mirroring our unresolved issues to each other. The more tricky one.

The benefit of intimate relationship is to have your very own live-in healer, costume-designed for you.

They provide a great opportunity to see clearer what need to be worked on.

Learning how we can use these challenges as opportunities for growth supports us in realizing true Love and deeper fulfillment within all of our relationships, including the one with ourselves.

In today’s society, we are very impatient within relationships, especially with our partners.

This isn’t working, so I will just change partners…

The problem is that whatever needed to be healed didn’t get a chance to do so, and we fall back into the same patterns and ask ourselves, why do I always attract the needy ones, the broke one’s the selfish ones, a certain businessman type, the wonder-women and so on…

You get the point? By the way sexual orientation doesn’t matter.

The funny part is that we actually get attracted to the people we need…

You might ask yourself:

Who in their right mind would decide to be with some who triggers all their unresolved issues?

Well, the ultimate wisdom of creation (who ever is the intelligence behind this) has an answer:

Let’s invent the phenomena of falling in love to bring those people together and let them figure it all out.

I am persuaded that our outer reality is just a reflection of what is happening inside of us.

So next time before getting upset about someone who triggers you, ask yourself the question:

What in me isn’t full healed yet? What in me needs more awareness? What is the bigger picture here?

And ultimately. How can I respond with Love and Compassion?

Life is only testing you, so you can respond differently.

Remember: “You are never in relationship with anyone except yourself. The experience of the relationship is only going on in one place—inside of you! It’s the same for the other person. Yes, there is interaction, but it’s only reflecting back what’s going on inside of you .Want a better relationship? Create a better relationship inside yourself!” Dr. Ron Hulnick

Much love and many blessings,


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