InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

International Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrating Life & Feminine Power from within

It is time to celebrate!:-)
I am beyond excited to invite you to our upcoming InsideOut Gathering!
Join us for a delicious diner, champagne, wine and a fun get together of the global InsideOut Community to celebrate Life & Feminine Power from within.
Enjoy meaningful connections in a conscious group of women (and some supportive men!) and feel the loving vibrations of the tribe.
We are so happy to welcome our very own Sumana and Jess King performing life on piano and guitar in a beautiful intimate setting!:-) We have a Circle Song Activity by Kay Bourgine and many more surprises prepared for you.
Please feel free to share with your friends, since this evening is open to new InsideOut-Women who want to discover the community!

All my Love and so excited to see you all on the 15th!

Kay Bourgine

Singer-songwriter, actor, vocal coach and facilitator, Kay loves helping others unlock their creativity through private lessons and collective improvisation as much as she loves sharing her songs with others in performance. She studied with Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Becca Stevens, Gretchen Parlato and many others and organizes workshops and monthly Circle Songs groups.

Kay says, “I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned, exploring new sounds, rhythms and melodies and telling stories. I believe in the cohesive and healing power of music.”

Kay will lead us in song with simple, fun exercises and games, relaxation, exploration and improvisation to connect our voices, hearts and bodies.

Music has always been a part of Kay’s life. Her earliest memory is of drifting off to sleep listening to her mother playing Chopin and Schubert on the piano. She herself played the cello, sang in choral groups and studied dance and theater during her childhood. After graduatingfrom Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in French translation, she travelled the world as a dancer, model and actor. Later, she studied jazz voice, harmony, arrangement and composition. Writing songs, which had previously seemed like rocket science, began organically. For her, songs are moments captured, stories told…and she gives us a glimpse of her inner world through them. Kay performs regularly in jazz clubs with her band, telling us her story with hauntingly beautiful melodies and evocative vocals, jazz with a folk feel.


Sumana is an Indo-French singer-songwriter. She moved from India to France to study at HEC, but discovered a lot more than expected. A chance encounter with musician, Vanupié, in the hallways of a Parisian subway station set her on an adventure of a lifetime. Music instantly became her best friend; she embraced it wholeheartedly as a means to express herself and share stories from her personal diaries.

When she doesn’t work on innovation for a French insurance group, Sumana can be found singing in the Parisian subway stations or at private concerts.

She is currently working on her first album.

Jess King

Jess King is a gifted singer-songwriter with a passion for positive impact. Through her music, she reveals her heart and naturally connects with our own. With lyrics that effortlessly relate and vocals drenched in soul, Jess is particularly strong in live performance. Her songs and captivating stage presence radiate hope, sensitivity and strength.

Music. After graduating from Dartmouth College and working as a volunteer teacher in the Pacific for 1 year, Jess King returned to New York to pursue music. Performance opportunities have since led Jess to other major cities around the world and to receive praise from notable musicians, including the legendary Stevie Wonder. When 6 years ago a music opportunity landed Jess in Paris for 3 months, she fell in love with the City of Lights, where she has since been based.

Fitness. A gifted coach and athlete (sub-3:00 marathoner), Jess King developed and launched heart-first high intensity full-body workout The Next Level (or TNL 58’), in Paris last autumn. Classes are currently taught at 5 boutique fitness studios throughout the city, uplifting and empowering the hearts, minds and bodies of many locals as well as expats. Since its launch, 10% of all TNL 58’ proceeds are given to those in need. Jess King was invited to become an ambassador of fitness apparel and wellness brand Lululemon in July 2017.

Positive Impact. Jess’ website,, is dedicated to inspiring a “kickass” life through sharing interviews with exceptional individuals as well as other articles related to wellness of mind, body and heart.


March 15th, 2018


20:00 – 23:00


50€ (Pre-registration online)
60€ at the door

Location :

L’Ecluse Restaurant and Wine Bar
15 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

Métro: Madeleine

Delicious Diner, Champagne, Wine and a fun gathering of the global InsideOut Community


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