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Nina Urman

Founder of InsideOut

InsideOut Circles®: Living a life from withinEXPERTISE: Nina helps women leaders to live in the highest expression of themselves so hey can live healthy happy lives and lead healthy, happy families, businesses and projects.As a former professional tennis player & life-strategist with 7+ years’ experience of delivering transformation, Nina now runs her company called InsideOut helping women to reconnect to their authentic selves and live from within. is an I.C.F. professional coach, a certified professional ‘Co-Active’coach (CPCC), holds a Master degree in Finance and International Relations and is writing a book on an « My Journey to an InsideOut Life », which has the express aim of helping everyone to live a life with purpose and meaning.TAKE HOME VALUES: In her inspiring, insightful and interactive keynotes and circle sessions Nina shares her personal story of overcoming fears of failure, anxieties and pressure and emerging more resilient, happy and healthy.She offers a step by step strategy on how to become more aware, accepting and aligned with yourself.Topics covered include:– The Awareness Principle: The importance of becoming aware of your energy output. It is not about what you do but about who you are.– The Acceptance Rule : Why fully accepting your shadow sides is one of the most important steps on your journey.– The Alignment Strategy : How to live in the highest expression of yourself and utilize all of your potential.– Leading with Purpose: How to write your own purpose statement to ignite transformation in you and others.GLOBAL CONTEXT: Nina has lived and worked in Russia, Germany, France, the US and Spain and is a true global citizen with a high understanding of cultural differences. She speaks four languages fluently. She lives in Paris with her husband and their 6 children.


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