InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

The miracle of Co-creation

Today a more personal note from me as I am in my last weeks or even days of my second pregnancy…

Wow. What a blessing.

Being in this beautiful state of creation mode makes you see and feel things completely differently.

You realize how much is actually NOT in your control, and how important it is align with your inner BEING instead of constantly DO, DO, DO.

I am the “best host” for this gorgeous baby inside of me, but the process of creation is led by something bigger than me…call it nature, call in God, call it the universe.

Yes, there was some action my husband and I had to take, but eventually it is not up to us to create this human being. All I have to “Do” now is to “BE”, to nurture myself and stay healthy & fit.

I find this a good metaphor for life in general. We sometimes want to MAKE things happen no matter what. We push, we control, we struggle for results…forgetting that our whole reason being here is to learn, evolve and enjoy life… The rest will take care of itself.

From experience, when I let go of my expectations, my aspirations, when I get out of my head, things slowly start to shift. Life becomes much smoother, easier; more relaxed…

The right person shows up on my doorstep to help, the perfect opportunity is presented; doors open I didn’t even know were there.

Life is as easy as you make it. When we stop constantly over-thinking and over-analyzing our reality and consciously listen to our heart and intuition we gain clarity and guidance.

Today I invite you to think about the beauty of Co-Creation and to let go of your fears and expectations to DO it all.

You are a wonderful human being on a beautiful journey called Life. You don’t have to know and control everything. You don’t have to work so hard.

Instead ask yourself “What would I like to experience today? What would I like to Co-create? Which seed to plant and nurture?”

It is a Balancing act between “Doing” and “Being”.

I know I will be fully enjoying this last couple of days, setting the intention for a smooth and easy birth of a new life.

Much love and many blessings,


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