I would like to be transparent here.
The idea is to try out different models and see which one fits best the InsideOut philosophy and creates sustainability.

  • Sometimes you will find a set price for an Event because I will have hard costs, especially for the speakers, venues, food and also because I am partnering up with a resource to bring more value to all of us.
  • Sometimes we will use the “Pay what you Wish” model so everyone has the possibility to participate. I usually recommend a range of prices, and allow you to choose where you fall on this spectrum.
  • On special occasions and celebrations!:-) Events and circles will be free of charge.

Pay what you Wish/Will/Can

This is an experiment to try something new, to make personal development available to all women who want it at whatever value they determine. Maybe it’s crazy, or maybe it’s crazy cool. We’ll find out, but first we have to try.

What is “Pay What You Wish”?

The “Pay What You Will” or “Pay What You Can” business model began in 1984 in Malaysia, and has slowly spread internationally.  This movement is most well-known in the restaurant industry:  Panera Restaurant operates “Pay What You Can” Restaurants in St. Louis, Chicago, Portland, and Boston.  Today the business model is expanding to other business types such as theatres, hair salons, and even the financial industry!

Why “Pay What You Wish”?

Everyone faces different financial circumstances. I believe in the value of coaching, training, personal development and want to make InsideOut activities available to women that don’t always have the means to join every Circle, activity, event.

At the same time, I need to meet my own financial obligations without the need to seek other compensation so that I can continue to bring joy and abundance into the world through my individual coaching, InsideOut Circles, retreats and bigger events.

The “Pay What You Wish” business model enables to be an active participant in co-creating an authentic and empowered community of women, with the benefit of trained facilitators and speakers no matter their circumstances.

I am aware that “money” is a charged issue for most of us in this culture.  I want to maximize the possibility of a shift in our relationship to money. I believe that our “real wealth” comes from the quality of our relationships with ourselves, one another and nature, and our real power comes from where and how we spend and earn our money, and in where we place our attention.

One of my strategies in shifting our relationship to money is allowing you to choose how much you can afford to pay.  As you consider the“Pay What You Wish” business model, I hope you will consider this model an opportunity to make a choice to support yourself, and the things you value most. Because you are here, these might include personal development, health & well-being, security, ease, comfort, and contribution, among others.

I invite you to pay me an amount that reflects your financial reality grounded in your desire for a better world for yourself and your loved ones.  To make this decision less stressful for both of us, I usually recommend a range of prices, and allow you to choose where you fall on this spectrum.

PWYW is a business model that is wholly aligned with my own values, and my choice to lead with my heart and live a holistic heart-based and adventurous life.
My purpose, and mission is to inspire a revolution of positive change, to get people to think outside the box, cut through limiting beliefs and old social constructs, and live fully into their highest potential.

The TED talk by Amanda Palmer states it well.  By leaving it up to you to decide what to pay, I am living into my values and modeling my practice of a value exchange, whereby the giving / receiving is a mutual act of caring.

How to do “Pay What You Wish”

Before during and after the event, you can donate by clicking on the Paypal button below. Also, if you happen to know a woman who could use some coaching feel free to donate on their behalf and have them reach out to me.