InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

Out with the old & in with the true

Beauty Inside and Out with The Closet Guru

How does one define Beauty, what does it feel like and does it fade with age?
Many of us dread growing older and try to resist the signs of ageing. Saying we “feel old” is not considered a compliment and we often referrence our age when we ‘perform’ under par from our desires. Why is this? Where do these beliefs come from and are they true? As grey hairs find their way to the light, and the lines begin to trace our faces, many of us begin to mourn our yesteryears and fear the passage of time.

This Pro-ageing workshop aims to reverse conventional misconceptions of what “beautiful” is, and show you another possibility – that every passing year is cause for celebration, and every decade adds depth to your own personal style.

Together, we will identify your own beliefs and discern between which beliefs serve you and which ones do not. The beliefs that tell you that ‘you are not ____ enough’ dull your vision and cause you to lose sight of how beautiful you are and can be, once you are willing to see the truth.

Michelle will share some of her Clutter Busting tools to clear your literal and figurative closet of clutter. You will learn how to create space for your inner child to play, and how to map the course to your very own Fountain of Youth.

You will leave this Inside Out session feeling vibrant, refreshed and reborn …2 hours older, yes…But also, you will be the Beauty that you seek.

‘What you seek is seeking you’ – Rumi


May 24th, 2018


09:30 am – 11:30 am


50€ (Pre-registration online)
60€ at the door

Location :

102, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France

Métro: Filles du calvaire


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