InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

Part Two. Energetic Detox: Environment Cleanse, Digital Detox & Relationship Fasting

Environment Cleanse

Everything is energy. Everything is a certain vibration, a frequency. Too often in today’s society, just as in our intestines there is too much garbage, to much stuffed and stiff energy just lying around.

If you have heard of Marie Kondo’s method, you know what I mean. I usually start with your bathroom.

All those half used cream and toothpaste tubes, and the shampoo that has been sitting there for a while, so one day you might use it. Believe me, you won’t.

Think about your closet. What do you wear with joy and excitement and what do you only keep because it was a present from mom or “was really expensive”. Do you really need all this stuff? Go through the draws and do a radical cleansing.

Sell it, gift it, give it away to people in need. Your wallet, your car, your garage, your cellar – step by step. Believe me, you will feel 20 kg energetically lighter and more energized. Open your window to let fresh air in.


Relationship Fasting

Now its time to think about not only what ‘s in you and around you but also WITH you. Think about relationships that might need a review.

Who are the people tat lift you up and give you energy? And are there any vampires around you that suck your energy up and leave you drained and life-less?My grandmother used to say: Some relationships have expiration dates. What are these relationships for you?Consciously choose your interactions and create energetic boundaries.

Every time I go out of the house I clothe myself in a energetic coat of light.  Just to keep my inner light glowing wherever I am going. You can imagine yourself in a light coat or just visualize a light bulb around you-It’s very helpful.

However when you feel someone negative in your energetic field that you are in contact, don’t automatically go into protection mode or “run away”. These are actually opportunities to hold your vibration and not let negativity get over and drain you but “make the other person rise” though love.

Let me explain with one of my favorite authors Thaddeus Golas from his book “The Lazy Man’s guide to enlightenment”

“if you are faced with such (negative) behavior (from other around you), the remedy is to keep on out-flowing love, to have no resistance in your mind. The lower vibrating person may reach farther and farther to bring you down, but when he finds you will not come down, when he senses that you have no internal resistance to him, he will have to rise to your vibration level to feel stable and comfortable, it is too painful to stay where he is. And he will rise unless of course he goes the other way, and disintegrates from the relationship.

You are not, however, obliged to wait him out: if you sense that he is not going to do anything but try to bring you down, you are free to effect the disintegration when you choose. In current language, just split. Don’t dwell on it, and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s in the natural order of things.”

You see it is all about energetic vibrations and we always have free will to hold our own light filled vibration or to “disintegrate”.

My teacher Sonia always says, it’s good to care, but don’t carry.


Digital Detox

 Last but not least: The Digital Cleanse. As you can imagine I am writing this from a computer, so I am not fully away from the great technologies of this world.:-) However I felt a real difference in leaving my phone in the room and going for long walks and classes without constantly checking my messages, FB or Instagram you name it.

I feel lighter, more connected and happier. In today’s world, our phones are almost the extension of our arms.

In Japan, a book came our recently with the title: I wish I was my momy’s cell phone”. It made me think of my own children. This is how they perceive us. This phone in our hands is always with us…so it has to have a tremendous importance, right?

Well it does have many functions, and yet it often takes us away from the present moment and from what is truly important to us. I encourage you to try out a phone free afternoon and just see how you feel. Can you be without it and without checking on news, sms and social media? How free are you? Find the freedom within and let go of whatever it is that doesn’t serve you.






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