InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

Raising the level of collective consciousness. What is our impact and legacy?

Happy women’s day to all women on earth 🙂

Always remember your inner beauty and strength and the divine essence of who you are.

I am on my way back to Paris from beautiful Cape Town.

Inspired by the YPO Global Leadership Summit and the EDGE presentations I am more then ever aware of the power of human connections and the need to realign with our essence on a global scale.

This years messages were about impact, about legacy. 

Which world will we leave to our children and grandchildren?

 How we can not only raise the level of awareness and make a serious action based shift of collective consciousness towards a sustainable, harmonious and peaceful world? 

Along the 4 pillars of Planet, People, Prosperity and Peace, over 2500 CEOS from all around the world were discussing ideas, AI technologies, Impact investments and the power of individual change for a more aligned world.

One of the main ideas that stuck with me was around education and learning.

Both the Tibetan monk Geshe Lobsang, moderating a mindful leadership session, and John Hardy, the founder of Greenschool in Bali and soon New Zealand were talking about an important mind-shift in educating our children.

They advocated that instead of teaching children subjects and transferring KNOWLEDGE unto them from generation to generation, we shall guide them to acquire inner WISDOM by developing critical thinking, asking questions and experiencing our world and everything it has to offer. 

Questions to ask ourselves and out little ones:

  • What is it that we want to experience?
  • How do we want to grow?
  • How do we want to contribute?

The classrooms at Greenschool are wall-less, the students spend most of their days learning about Responsibility, Conflict resolution, Building meaningful relationships , Self-love and love to others.

 They also learn about the environment and spend their time cleaning the beaches from plastic and trash.

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on:

What will be important for our children? 

I strongly feel it won’t be facts and figures.

It will be creativity, relationship building, adaptability, curiosity, self love, communication and the ability to listen to their hearts and intuition.

Understanding their environment and appreciating our natural resources is another important part.

I encourage you today to stop for a minute and think about the Idea school you would imagine for your children or even a school you would like to have gone as a child yourself.

Reconnect to that space of curiosity…no boundaries, no limits, no walls..what would you like to see? Feel? Smell? Taste?

A whole new world. A whole new understanding of BEING and connecting to the essence of who we are.

We need the leaders to guide humanity to a higher awareness and give them permission to be the light they want to see in the world. Leaders just like you are.

Share a thought, brainstorm, talk about it with your friends, your collègues, your families…

The more people are inspired to think, speak and act upon these topics, the better.

As I always say, from the outside we might be all so different, but on the inside we long for the same:

love ❤️ compassion, peace, joy…because if we are true to ourselves we can Re-member who we were in our essence: Concious Energy Beings.

We can feel, this is HOME. This is where everything began and where we will come back to.

Much love and many blessings.





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