InsideOut Circles by Nina Urman

Summer Reflections and TRUST in the Universe

Dear all,

I am sending you much love and many blessings wherever you are in the world trusting you are enjoying your summer just as much as I do.

I love this time of the year.

For me it is about creating space for

  • reflections of what was,
  • introspections of what is
  • and co-creation for what will be

Before the new school year it seems like a good time to take a step back and evaluate the intentions from the New Year.

From a place of engaged presence, from the NOW, I am allowing my mind to gently recall all the experiences that have served me to raise the vibration of my Higher Self, bringing me closer to alignment and inner harmony.

It is important not to ignore but welcome the challenging and painful ones and be completely honest with yourself. There is no right or wrong, there is only what is TRUE for you.

I create room do this practice in a safe and beautiful environment preferably in solitude, without judgment and in complete acceptance of what is.

This last 6 months for me have been about acceptance, flexibility and co-creation.  

Professionally the universe has been giving me very diverse opportunities to grow and expand. It constantly does if we choose to see and embrace it.:-)

For the last few years I was trying to better feel into my purpose and channel in what area I can serve most.

At times I felt confused, frustrated and overwhelmed, as I was interested in so many different aspects of personal development and consciousness work. 

Mindfulness and meditation, emotional intelligence, feminine wisdom, intuition, conscious parenting, spiritual psychology, wellness, health and nutrition…I have studied so much in all these fields…

I chose to focus on women and created my circles as it felt safe and close to heart. The InsideOut Circles concept was born and seemingly thriving.

However if I am completely true to myself I felt like I was pushing it, draining my energy and trying to make it work more then actually enjoying the experience itself.

I have learned so much and grew my skillset as a coach and facilitator, but something felt off. Everyone was having a great time, it just wasn’t flowing for me. I was tired and tense.

I wanted a sustainable business, a clear plan, a strategy of how to grow it, touch many people and have an impact. The intention was great, but the energetic implementation wasn’t easy or fulfilling.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that while I was pushing in one direction and being over-controlling, I missed the signs of the universe to guide me to what I am truly here to do.

The moment I let go of my attachments to the outcome, other doors opened in the most organic and natural way.

I consciously decided to just welcome everything coming my way that felt TRUE without judgment.

Soon after I was asked to organize high-end conscious experiences and retreat for groups in and around Paris. It matched my desire to in a way continuing my circles and co-creating safe environments for people to evolve. And it had the advantage of being close and well paid. It wasn’t what I was wanting at first, but even BETTER and more aligned.

At the same time I was asked to engage more in coaching managers and high performers, while continuing with my regular one-on-one clients.

And just a couple of weeks ago I was invited to jump in and facilitate a 3-day conscious parenting retreat I really enjoyed.

Stepping back and reflecting I realize more and more how simple it can be when we trust ourselves and the support we can receive when we surrender.

Two lessons for me:

  1. I don’t need to necessarily initiate any projects but be patient and TRUST that the right opportunities will come my way. The more I am being controlling and pushy, the less I am enjoying the process. Iam a real generator and need to response to the impulses in the most aligned way.
  2. I have noticed that my real focus of my work is actually the DIVERSITYof everything I am and do. I am a patchwork myself: Half Russian, half German living in Paris with an American husband. I have always been multi passionate and colorful in my Being. It is a huge advantage.

I didn’t need to have figured out what my focus is. I just needed to TRUST more that WHO I AM BEING is enough.

And if this wasn’t a reminder enough on a professional level there was more yet to come.

In March I have realized that I was pregnant with my third child (which I now know will be a girl!!!! YAY).

Now this was about acceptance and flexibility and co-creation all  at once!

Those of you who know me will confirm how much I absolutely LOVE being a mother and enjoy the co-parenting process with my husband.

But it is a lot of energy management and conscious time investment to raise a healthy and vibrant child.

So this summer was once again about finding the new balance and raising my vibration to welcome a new soul into our lives!

For you:

Today, I am encouraging you to look back on all the rich experiences you lived, the challenges you have faced, the accomplishments you have celebrated, the lessons you have learned and the contributions you have shared with the world.

Create a safe space for yourself and feel into the NOW as you go over what you have lived. Our lives are so full, rich, intense and busy that sometimes we need a REAL break to reflect, observe and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Where do you need to TRUST more? What needs healing and attention?

Enjoy taking a breath and relaxing into what is NOW, allowing yourself to dream ahead and set a powerful intention for what is to come.

As my teacher Sonia says: You need to let go of what is in your hand to reach out for the new.

A Simple wisdom for our complex lives.

I am sending you so much love and light,








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